What is the low ESR and high ripple current for solid state capacitors

2024-04-28 15:34:16 4

Capacitors are energy storage elements used in circuits for tuning, filtering, coupling, bypass, energy conversion, and delay. Capacitors are often called capacitors. According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: fixed capacitor, semi-variable capacitor and variable capacitor.


Solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor is short for conductive polymer solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor, and is one of the highest-grade products in capacitor products.


ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) refers to the series equivalent resistance, which is an important indicator of capacitance. The lower the ESR, the faster the charge and discharge of capacitance. This performance directly affects the decoupling performance of power supply circuit of microprocessor. The advantage of low ESR of solid-state electrolytic capacitance in high frequency circuit is more obvious.


It can be said that the low ESR characteristics at high frequencies are the watershed between the performance differences of solid electrolytic capacitance and liquid capacitance. The ESR of solid-state aluminium electrolytic capacitance is very low, with very small energy dissipation. The very low ESR characteristic of the solid state capacitor under high temperature, high frequency and high power conditions can fully absorb the high amplitude voltage generated between the power cords in the circuit and prevent its interference to the system.


Currently, the power consumption of the CPU is very large, the main frequency is far beyond 1GHz, the peak current of the CPU reaches 80A or more, and the output filter capacitance is close to the critical point of operation. On the other hand, CPUs work in a variety of modes, most of the time in the process of working mode conversion. When the CPU changes from a low power state to a full load state, the large amount of energy required for instantaneous (generally less than 5ms) switching of this CPU comes from the capacitance in the CPU power supply circuit. At this time, the high-speed charging and discharging characteristics of the solid state capacitor can output the high peak current instantaneously, ensuring adequate power supply and ensuring the stable operation of the CPU.


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